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Why Purchase From a Local Dealer?

The answer is straightforward, when you purchase locally, you’ll receive a full product orientation at time of delivery. In addition, you’ll be introduced to your local dealership’s service, parts and warranty staff who will be there should you ever need them. Many dealers put their purchasing customers first when it comes time to getting the coach serviced. Don’t underestimate the value a local dealer can add to the enjoyment of your RV experience.

What RV Buyers Should Realize

New Horizons Motorhome

When performing warranty work for a manufacturer on unit that is purchased from another dealer, this work is often not a profitable venture for the dealer. In general, warranty work is not profitable for a dealer unless viewed as an aggregate or combined transaction with the sale of the unit.

Customers who buy locally, return for service, parts, upgrades, and as a whole, they represent profitable sales for the dealer. Because dealers are independently owned and operated, they provide priority service and scheduling to customers who have purchased from that dealership, and a relationship is continually fostered. As somewhat of an industry norm, manufacturers typically compensate a dealer for warranty work at a break-even or perhaps unprofitable rate. This manufacture/dealer scenario is much different than receiving warranty work on your Chevrolet automobile, from any Chevrolet dealer in the country.

It can be common, that a dealer may turn away a warranty service if a customer did not purchase from that dealer. When you have bought your RV locally, you can be assured you will be taken care of on your warranty and service work, and may even receive courtesy adjustments and problem solving on your unit, as the dealer appreciates your continued business.

Perhaps you can save a few hundred dollars crossing the state line to buy a unit from an out of state dealer, BUT the buyer should also consider the issue of warranty work, and how they will obtain service they need in the future.

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