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Frequently Asked Questions

With over 75 years of combined RV experience, our staff at Aloha RV has answered every question under the sun regarding RVs, what you can tow and what you can't tow, which type of RV is better, and much more. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding RVs, if you can't find the answer to your particular question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Four season RVs are built and designed to withstand extreme temperatures both heat and cold. They typically are better insulated all the way around. They also have the underbelly of the unit completely sealed from the elements. Also the plumbing is either insulated or heated or both to withstand the extreme cold conditions. These units are designed for their owners to be able to live in them for extended periods of time.

There are many types of RVs available. Most RVs can accommodate at least 6 people, although there are some that will only accommodate 2 people. We do, however, have some RVs that will accommodate 10-12 people. Just come in and see one of our sales professionals that can find the perfect RV for your family.

Yes you do. We have the capability to install all of the necessary safety equipment, such as hitches, equalizers, brake controls and wiring, to give our customers peace of mind while towing any type of RV.

A "double tow" situation has many variables. First we only recommend towing a boat or four wheeler trailer behind a fifth wheel. There are some units that are not structurally designed to do this. We will make sure that the RV you are looking at can handle the extra weight and your tow vehicle can handle this as well. We will also make sure that you don't exceed the length restriction determined by your state. We can also install the necessary hitch and safety equipment to handle a "double tow".

We absolutely do. We have one of the largest parts and accessory departments in the state of New Mexico. We also have an award winning service department with master certified RV technicians to take care of any problems you may encounter with your RV.

The "Top 50 Dealer Award" is an award given to RV dealerships by a panel of industry experts that are unsurpassed in overall business operations, customer care, and professionalism. We are extremely proud to have received this industry distinction each year consecutively since the beginning of the program in 2008. Aloha RV has also enjoyed being the only RV dealership in New Mexico to have been nominated for this special RV industry distinction.

This varies based on the type, engine, transmission, gear ratio of your tow vehicle. We have the knowledge and expertise to match up your tow vehicle to the right type of RV.

At Aloha RV in Bernalillo we currently do not sell boats. However, our location in Albuquerque does!

Depends on what accommodations that you are needing. There are different types of camping. Dry camping will be the least expensive meaning you wouldn't have to use electricity, water or dump station facilities. Full hook up means that you would need to use electricity, water and dump facilities. There is also campgrounds that just have electrical hook ups that would be priced in between dry and full hook up camping. Prices generally will start from $10.00 and up depending on the accommodations.

In most situations you can expect to dry camp for several days without electrical or water hook ups. You need to be aware of holding tank size, water usage, as well as amp draw on the RV batteries. We will instruct you on how to camp depending on what type of RV you purchase, to maximize your camping experience.

At this time the Bernalillo location does not, but there are several fill stations that we can recommend.

Both types of exteriors are fine. A fiberglass exterior has some definite advantages like not expanding/contracting with the heat and cold. It also has a nicer look and will hold up better in a hail storm. Typically RV's with fiberglass exteriors are more expensive than those with aluminum exteriors. Also keep in mind that fiberglass weighs more than aluminum.

The answer is yes. We provide a thorough walk through to our customers when they purchase new or used RVs from us. We also provide you with a "starter kit" that gives you the necessary items you need to get started on your RV adventures.

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